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5 Reasons Zone Defense is Bad for Youth Basketball ...

5 Disadvantages to Playing a Zone Defense. The NBA prohibited zone defense before the 2001-2002 season. No NBA team really uses the zone defense as their primary defensive strategy. It is more common in college and youth competitions. There are several disadvantages as to why you should not use a zone defense strategy in youth basketball. They include:

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Some zone defenses can be more susceptible to the 3-point shot. Players are limited in their athletic development and foot coordination in the zone (there is less movement,... The offense can take advantages of mis-matches by putting their best player in the "zone area" of the opponents' weakest... ...

Zone Defense in Basketball: Definition, Various Types, Pros ...

Disadvantages of a Zone Defense It is vulnerable to offensive rebounds and outside shooting. The zone has numerous gaps that can be exploited by heady point guards and high IQ basketball teams. While the zone defense hides a weak defender, it can also lead to a lack of defensive accountability. The ...

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Main thing is, it’s difficult to cover shooters with zone defence. Most common variations are 2–3 and 3–2 zones (first meaning two guys in/near the post and 3 up, near the perimiter, the second pretty much exactly mirrors the first). 2–3 leaves corners WIIIIDE open.

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As you approach the end of a game, zone defenses tend to become sloppy and abandon their positions and breakdown, especially when losing. This effect worsens if the other team passes the ball faster than your players can set up your defense. Main principles of zone defense

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A zone can look intimidating with all your big guys stacked up inside with their hands up. If you play man-to-man defense and have very short guards, the opponent will run screens to get switches and size mis-matches against your small guards near the basket. You can avoid this by playing zone defense, keeping your small players out on the perimeter.

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What are some disadvantages of zone defense. Ineffective against above average perimeter shooters A zone defense could become ineffective against a team with one or more above average perimeter shooters, particularly from three-point range.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Like anything there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of defenses. The zone defense can be vulnerable to the outside shot, but hard to drive on. Man-to-man can be easier to drive on, but tougher to get open outside shots. Picks One thing that offensive teams will do is set picks.